Mr Torance

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When discussing the qualities and abilities of an effective teacher, my high school Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Mr. Torrance, immediately comes to mind. The fondest classroom memories of my high school experience are significantly drawn from my experiences in Mr. Torrance’s class. In this essay, I am going to express why I consider Mr. Torrance to be an effective teacher, and explain how his pedagogic methods and practices are reliable and effective models for all teachers, especially those just beginning their career after graduating college. An effective teacher, like Mr. Torrance, is able to assume certain roles that enable them to effectively engage with students and foster their success; furthermore, the following educator responsibilities…show more content…
Torrance is a personable and thoughtful counselor to his students. His kind, caring, and understanding personality makes him approachable and relatable; he is a trustworthy and intelligent educator who relentlessly supports his students both inside and outside of the classroom. Students always feel welcomed and appreciated in his class. Mr. Torrance is a brilliant instructional expert, possessing undisputed mastery of his content and of effective teaching practices. Students are always engaged in his classroom; he differentiates his teaching style to engage as many different learners as possible, utilizing demonstrations, activities, and lectures in equitable amounts of class time. Students are encouraged to ask questions and think critically in his classroom. Lastly, Mr. Torrance is a respectable role model who outstandingly assumes many critical roles as a teacher. The aforementioned qualities are ones that reflect postively on a well-rounded and thoughtful educator. Students learn more in a class lead by an educator they can trust; an educator who values their students and cares about their well-being. I can’t think of a better example than Mr. Torrance to express how much a truly effective teacher means to their
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