Mr. Ty, The Motivational Teacher

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Mr. Ty, The Motivational Teacher. While in high school, I contemplated leaving school and never returning plenty of times. Coming from a household that nobody graduated school yet were successful wasn’t really much help either when making my decision. I am quite sure that I would have dropped out of school if I had never come across my sophomore teacher, Mr. Ty. He was not only a great teacher or helper, he was an outstanding leader to me. The three main ideas I feel he taught me were the will to never give up, the strength to always keep a positive attitude, and finally the passion to always make improvements. High school was a rough time up until the day I met Mr. Ty. It was a hot spring day the time I realized professor Ty was not only trying to be my teacher but also a mentor to me. That day he taught me about having the will to never give up. I had sat quietly in the back of the class just daydreaming about how I would succeed without school until the bell rang and it was time to leave; however, Mr. Ty asked,” Guillermo may you please give me a couple minutes of your time.” Not wanting to be rude I answered,” Sure”. Taking a seat, I thought, maybe a warning for not paying attention to the lecture. However, Ty told me something that stuck with me throughout my entire life, He said,” Guillermo no matter what is going on in your life I just wanted to let you know. The man who succeeded was the one who failed many times. You know what I mean?” I stood there in a daze

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