Mr Wayne Narrative

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It was a cold winter’s morning, I was getting acquainted with my new position as CEO of Unicorn supplements.After two long meetings, that included familiarizing myself with the board of directors, and the plan of by means of moving forward after the passing of Mr. Wayne, I wonder(COLD) “ What time is it?” I thought to myself. Afterwards, I’m walking down the hallway, I see employees to on both sides working in their cubicles, with a dismal expression. Two weeks, since the passing of Mr.Wayne, and the heartbroken atmosphere, is the aftermath of Mr. Wayne’s absence(VACANCY). I walk into my newly inherited office, I sat down at Mr.Wayne’s former desk. The desk is beautiful, the craftsmanship is extraordinary. The desk is a replica of the one created from the timbers of the British H.M.S. Resolute, given to the United States President Rutherford Hayes in the late 1800’s by Queen Victoria, and has been used by most American head of states since(OBJECT). I started to look through the drawers of the desk, and I discover an envelope with a red wax seal with the letter W imprinted on the seal. Meanwhile, as I am staring at the envelope in my small callused hands, I decide to break the seal(HANDS). Inside the envelope, was a letter, and it was addressed to me. Next I realize that Mr.Wayne has left a letter for me. Subsequently, I began to read into the…show more content…
Following as I step out, I hear stones shifting and as I turn around, all I see is a fireplace. I began to head towards the door, and as I reach for it and swung it out open to see Rebecca, my secretary on the phone, but she’s writing something on the notepad, pointing at something for me to see. I see that she wrote about a meeting with Oliver Queen at 3:00 pm. I look down at my watch and see that it is
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