Mr Wilson Hospital Case Study Summary

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Mr. Wilson is an twenty- nine-year-old African American female who was referred for Mental Health Skills Build services by the Case Manager at Tuckers Pavilion after her most recent hospitalization on November 03, 2017. At the time of Mr. Wilson’s most recent hospitalization, he disclosed she was hospitalized as the result of “hearing voices to end my life.” Mr. Wilson was asked if he recall how long he had been experiencing auditory hallucinations and he reported at the age of sixteen is when he started experiencing auditory hallucinations given him the command to kill himself. Mr. Wilson also reported at the age of sixteen is when he was first hospitalized at Tucker’s Pavilion and given the diagnosis of Schizophrenia. As it relates to his…show more content…
Although, Mr. Wilson denied suicidal ideation at the time of the assessment a crisis safety plan was put in place for him and he was provided with the number for the crisis hotline. In addition to the most recent hospitalization Mr. Wilson has history of six to eight psychiatric hospitalizations starting as early as at age of sixteen. In addition to the above-mentioned symptoms that lead to Ms. Wilson’s most recent hospitalization, he disclosed the following psychiatric problems within the last thirty days: depressed mood (daily); auditory hallucinations (3-6x monthly); diminished emotional expression (daily); feelings of feelings of helplessness and hopelessness (3-6x weekly); decreased energy (daily); paranoia (daily); and poor concentration (daily). In addition to having a difficult time with managing his mental health issues, Mr. Wilson presents with substance abuse issues as evidence by him using cocaine (2x weekly) and smoking pot (1-3x weekly). Mr. Wilson expressed he does not have a psychiatrist; however, when he was discharged from the hospital she was discharged with the following medications Hydroxyzine HCL
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