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In this essay I will be exploring the various issues raised when a therapist initially meets a new client, including ascertaining personal circumstances and applying ethical and safe practice. I will also be looking at the importance of communication and understanding between client and practitioner. When a therapist first meets with a new client, it is necessary to establish several things in order to know whether they can work together. These include background and personal circumstances of the client, previous experiences (if any) of therapy, medical and psychiatric history and very importantly, why they are seeking therapy. This first conversation is also an opportunity for the client…show more content…
This initial process will also serve to allow the client to gain enough information about the practitioner that they feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to help them. This will be achieved through a combination of clear information given about the practice itself and the rapport and trust the client feels with the therapist. If there is no rapport or potential for a trusting relationship between the two, the therapy will be ineffective. It’s a therapist’s responsibility to know when they are not in a position to work with a client, for any reason. A therapist should conduct this initial process by ‘setting the scene’ for how future sessions will look and feel. This can be achieved by setting the room in a comfortable and professional way and, for example, establishing where the client will sit, for every session, to create familiarity and routine. The use of music or room scents is sometimes a preferred option of therapists, but is a personal choice and not necessarily always a good idea as individual people associate sounds and smells in different ways and this can not only predetermine a client’s feelings but could actually create negativity, depending on their association and response to it. It

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