Mrs. Dalloway Mental Illness

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Both settings in the The Good Soldier and Mrs. Dalloway take place in the early 1900’s. This a time in which patriarchy and conservative ideals rule. The authors of the novels, Ford Madox Ford and Virginia Woolf, create characters that oppose such standards. They battle mental illness, extramarital temptation and economic disabilities, thus leading to an interesting development in the personalities, thoughts, and actions of such characters like, Edward Ashburnham, Florence Dowell, Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus. .
Characters in both The Good Soldier and Mrs. Dalloway are deeply affected by mental illness at a time in which such ailments weren’t recognized as a real health issue. Due to this mark of shame that followed mental illness, there
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The issue of unequal health care is specifically highlighted between the two novels, The Good Soldier and Mrs. Dalloway. In The Good Soldier, doctors recommend that the the very wealthy Edward Ashburnham and Florence Dowell visit luxurious spas to treat their fictitious heart problems. Edward uses such heart problems to escape from the military while Florence's uses hers to distance herself John. These two characters selfishly abuse the opportunities provided to them whereas Septimus and LuCrezia desperately search for any sort of mental illness treatment in Mrs. Dalloway. Unlike Edward and Florence, the couple is left very few options to treat Septimus’s shell shock. They ultimately find help in Dr. Holmes and Sir William Bradshaw. While it unclear whether or not Sir William Bradshaw could have effectively treated Septimus or not, the reader has evidence to how harmful Dr. Holmes is, as seen when he practically scared Septimus into killing himself. This all may have been avoided if Septimus and LuCrezia had the same access to outstanding medical treatment as Edward and Florence did. All in all, Characters in The Good Soldier take advantage of exceptional medical services for imaginary ailments while sickly and underprivileged people like Septimus are left to their own devices . All of this is made possible by the vast chasm of wealth that separates the rich and poor throughout the
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