Mrs. Doubtfire : Movie Setting And Story Essay

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Introduction How does one define family? Throughout our readings, we find ourselves learning the ideas of theorist, concepts, and definitions to help us define and describe what family is. The family could possibly be what or who we say they are, or in simpler Bozett’s term, who the patient says it is! (Plumer, 2010). A family could consist possibly of values, roles, communication, environment, and relationships. Families may transition through all of these principles that either unites them or tears them apart. For instance, the movie Mrs. Doubtfire portrays these perceptions of what family is when family processes are shifted within a household. We will now discuss in more detail of the family assessment found throughout the movie starring the Hillards.
Movie Setting and Story The movie Mrs. Doubtfire takes place in an upper-middle-class neighborhood with a typical all-American family being shaken up after a divorce. As a carefree father, who is deprived of his custodial rights to his children, we have Daniel Hilliard as recently unemployed, aspiring talented actor with a few tricks up his sleeve in order to preserve quality time with his children. On the other side of the family court, we have Miranda Hilliard, as a demanding executive interior designer, and the sole bread-winner that is tired of her ex-husband irresponsible ways and prosecutes him for it. The couple had three children, the eldest Lydia Hillard as the feisty and responsible teenager, Chris…

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