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Mrs. Fields’ Cookies Case Study Assignment 1. Would you describe Mrs. Fields’ Cookies as more of a functional hierarchy structured along traditional functional lines or more of an IT-enabled network consisting of tailored business processes? I would describe the organizational structure of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies as being an IT-enabled network consisting of tailored business processes. Throughout the different sections of the case study, several examples support the notion that Mrs. Fields’ organizational structure aligns with the descriptions and characteristics of a networked structure. The importance that the organization places on Information Strategy and the innovative control processes in place also support this claim. In order to…show more content…
This is shown in Exhibit 2 of the case study. The flat feel of communication in the organization through the use of IT, as well as the use of a more traditional hierarchal organization chart for the MIS department, perfectly follow the networked structure concept of technological leveling. Networked organizations are known for promoting flexible, adaptive and creative business environments. However, a company must be able to maintain operational process control. Randy Fields constantly encouraged his employees at all levels to be creative in new technology innovation. For example, an accounts payable clerk introduced the idea of automating recurring invoices, which led to the development of a new automated system that was used by all of the stores. Randy welcomed these types of system innovations. He wanted to put as much intelligence and decision making controls into the store computers as possible. Networked organizational structures replace inflexible hierarchal controls with controls based on IS. And the IS in networked structures allow data to be collected and stored instantly in centralized data warehouses, which enables data analysis for quick and accurate management decisions. Mrs. Fields’ had a single corporate database that tracked sales in each store and produced reports to be reviewed on a daily basis – proving to align with yet another networked structure characteristic. Randy
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