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Bailey Pattie Ms. Lightle May 8, 2017 Mrs. Fox by Sarah Hall Mrs. Fox, by Sarah Hall was published in 2014. Mrs. Fox is a short story by Sarah Hall about a woman who turns into a fox during her pregnancy, much to the dismay of her husband. Mrs. Fox describes a woman who is not satisfied with her life with her husband, Mr. Fox. They both remain detached thorough the story. When Mrs. Fox turns into a fox, Mr. Fox does not understand why his wife was not happy or satisfied in her human life. Sarah Hall does a wonderful job of displaying out an unusually intriguing setting, a breath taking characterization of the two main characters Mr. and Mrs. Fox, and she displays a dark and modern theme, rightfully earning the BBC National short story…show more content…
Fox are not in love but their life around them looks so perfect on the outside. In this story, Mr. and Mrs. Fox are married but not necessarily in love. This is how many marriages end up like in the real world today. The wife always keeps herself detached. “She makes no romantic claims, does not require reassurance, and he adores her because of the lack” (page 49) She does not give her husband much of anything other than sex. Because of her animal instincts, Mrs. Fox does not know how to be attached. No body ever sees animals in a relationship; they just have sex and then go their separate ways. It shows that Mr. Fox loves his wife more that she loves him. Time and time again he will ask her is she needs anything when she seems to be getting sick and she does not take him up on any offers. “He makes toast for her but she takes only a bite or two. He notices that the last chewed mouthful has been put back on her plate, a damp little brown pile”. (Page 52) This has a deeper meaning, which is that animals do not eat like humans. They can spit out their food because its animal nature. This shows that Mr. Fox is trying to care for her but in more ways than one, he does not understand her or understand her needs. In the story it states, “the one who loves less is always loved more”(page 49) this shows how her husband loves her in every way he knows how but she does not love him the way he does her; she will not let her husband get close enough to see the real problems in

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