Mrs. Fredrickson Leadership

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“Leadership is a lifestyle.” These were the first words of wisdom Mrs. Fredrickson gave me during my first student council meeting. I never would have thought that over the next four years, I would embrace this statement wholeheartedly. I began my high school years as a very timid and discreet student who had big aspirations, but I always felt that my shyness and anxiousness would hold me back from achieving these goals. However, Mrs. Fredrickson slowly encouraged me out of my shell through student council. She also saw a lot of potential in me, and during my sophomore year, she encouraged me to run for a position on the Central Minnesota Association of Student Councils Executive Board. I was initially uneasy about doing this and questioned…show more content…
Although I did not have any opponents in the election, I felt as if I had conquered the world. Shortly after the election, she came up to me and told me about how the other Central Minnesota advisors wanted me to run for President of the Minnesota Association of Student Councils despite being a sophomore. Although I was not convinced that I could win, “Freddy” instilled a sense of ambition in me, and with that I ran for that office as a sophomore and lost magnificently. However, Mrs. Fredrickson continued to encourage me to expand my leadership and social skills by going to various conventions both in and out of Minnesota. These experiences eventually gave me a better chance of winning, and as a junior I won the election for President of the Minnesota Association of Student Councils. Now, as a senior, I am serving as President of both the Central Minnesota and Minnesota Student Council Associations and have led many conventions around Minnesota. Without Mrs. Fredrickson’s support during my four years of high school, I would not have reached the great levels of success that I have now. I am very thankful that she was there to help me through my four years of high school and to teach me lessons that I will use for the
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