Mrs Giddens Observation

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The first day of observations was extremely scary to me. I have always been the student, but this day I listened and recorded the teacher as an observant. It was very different, at first. I met with the Family and Consumer Science teacher, Mrs. Giddens. We walked to her room, and settled our belongings in her office before the students arrived. Mrs. Giddens spoke with other teachers about upcoming lesson plans for the week. Since she is the only Family and Consumer Science teacher at the school, she has to do a lot of research on her own. She spoke with some other teachers to help design ways to get the students more intrigued to learn. She explained to me that every year they go to a convention in Montgomery. She is able to get inspirations from other Family and Consumer Science teachers. She wishes there were more teachers in this field that she could go to for help with ideas, but there is not any in the school. Mrs. Giddens has to go outside of the Clay County school system to get help for this program. She does a lot of researching and emailing other teachers to see what works in their classrooms and what does not work in the classroom. Since Mrs. Giddens is considered a Career Tech teacher, she has a cooking room and a sewing lab. The first day I came, she was working on finishing up…show more content…
Giddens is the director over the prom committee. I listened to several meetings in and out throughout the day speaking on Prom. Everyone had to come to her for money, advice and decorations. She has been the director over prom for several years. She loves it, but she does have to deal with unhappy parents and happy parents. She explained to me in a couple of weeks, prom will be heavily on her mind, because she has to make it all come together. She worries heavily on it, but she enjoys the outcome every year. I really admired her outside work from teaching as a whole. She is passionate about her class, but also passionate about keeping extracurricular events in the
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