Mrs. Hale In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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Character Summary: Mrs. Hale.

Mrs. Hale is the wife of the farmer Lewis Hale, and is first introduced as walking onto the scene next to the sheriff’s wife, Mrs. Peters. Mrs. Peters is a slighter and wirier woman compared to Mrs. Hale, who would be considered a more ‘comfortable’ woman if not under these somber circumstances. (Trifles, pg. 16) These physical descriptions set out can give readers a small insight on the lifestyles and socio-economic conditions on to which these two women differentiate, one a humble farmers wife, the other an upright sheriff’s wife. As the scene unfolds, there is an immediate sense of resentment conveyed, which is shown by the condescension shown to her by the men in general and in particular because of her gender and domestic occupation of being the neighboring farmers wife. …show more content…

The two women lament and reflect on how they could have changed this dire situation, and as the play progresses, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters notice vital details that the men would not deem important, such as: dirty towels, fruit preserves that have been ruined, bread that has been left out of its box, an unfinished quilt with erratic and senseless needlework, a somewhat messy table top, and an empty and broken bird cage.

Unlike the men who are looking for a motive or forensic evidence to piece together the murder, the two women observe clues that would only be striking to housewives, which provides insight to the bleakness of Mrs. Wright’s emotional household life. Mrs. Hale then theorizes that Mr. Wright’s oppressive and cold nature must have been dreary to live with, which is implied by the plethora of menial housewife tasks left unfinished or

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