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Discuss the psychological and physical effects of loss and grief. How might an ethical therapist incorporate this knowledge into his/her work? Loss and grief affect each individual differently, the variety of emotions that a person can experience whilst in grief is enormous. Loss of the relationship, guilt and anger over the absence of a relationship, loss of a role model or leader affects people as they try to make sense of and accept what has happened and continue their lives without the loved one. This essay endeavours to explore the psychological and physical effects of grief and how knowledge of these influences the work of a therapist. It will also explore the theories surrounding attachment and loss to bring an understanding of…show more content…
* Shock – this is often experienced when a person learns of an unexpected death. Although it can also affect those who have experienced terminal illness with a loved one. Even though we may know someone is going to die, it does not remove the shock of it actually happening. * Yearning – a common and normal response of bereavement, it may feature until the survivor reaches acceptance. * Emancipation – a person can be freed by the death of another person. If that person was an unwelcome influence in their life, it an lead to a feeling of freedom to live ones life differently. * Relief – often accompanied by guilt, this feeling is common after a loved one has experienced a long and/or painful illness. * Numbness – a normal reaction to learning of a loved ones death. When experienced, it is a protection from being flooded with feelings, trying to avoid the potentially of becoming overwhelmed. The physical effects of grief can include the following: * Hollowness in the stomach * Tightness in the chest or throat * Oversensitivity to noise * A sense of depersonalisation * Breathlessness * Weakness in the muscles * Lack of energy * Dry mouth Over time, as we to accept the death, we start to experience less intense emotions surrounding the death of the loved one and feel we can move

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