Mrs. Linde as a Foil for Nora in in Ibsen's A Doll's House Essay

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Mrs. Linde as a Foil for Nora in A Doll's House Random House Webster's dictionary defines a foil as "a person or thing that makes another seem better by contrast." This essay will focus on the use of the foil to contrast another character. The characters of Nora and Mrs. Linde provide an excellent example of this literary device. Mrs. Linde's aged, experienced personality is the perfect foil for Nora's childish nature. Mrs. Linde's hard life is used to contrast the frivolity and sheltered aspects of Nora's life. Nora's optimism and belief in things improbable is an opposite to the rationality and down-to-earth mentality of Mrs. Linde. Finally, the rekindling of the flame between Mrs. Linde and Krogstad is a direct contrast to the…show more content…
Nora: (Ibsen Hurriedly) You could give me money, Torvald... Helmer: But Nora- Nora: Oh, please, Torvald darling, do that! I beg you, please. Then I could hang the bills in pretty gilt paper on the Christmas tree. Wouldn't that be fun? (Ibsen 77-87) Mrs. Linde is the perfect foil for Nora as can be evidenced with the following excerpt from lines 297-301. Mrs. Linde's self sacrifice for her closest loved ones is atypical of those without the utmost maturity. Mrs. Linde married a man she did not love for the purpose of security: Nora: it really true that you weren't in love with your husband? Why did you marry him then? Mrs. Linde: My mother was still alive, but bedridden and helpless- and I had my two younger brothers to look after. In all conscience, I didn't think I could turn him down. Evidence of Mrs. Linde's hard life can be seen in the conversation occurring between herself and Doctor Rank, a friend of the Helmer's. In contrast to Nora's life of little trouble and frivolity, Mrs. Linde has worn herself out, both mentally and physically: Mrs. Linde: Yes, I take the stairs very slowly. They're rather hard on me. Dr. Rank: Uh-hm, some touch of internal weakness? Mrs. Linde: More overexertion, I'd say. Rank: Nothing else? Then you're probably here in town to rest up in a round of
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