Mrs Mensah Reported That David

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Mrs Mensah reported that David was born premature and spent several months in hospital before being discharged and that during this time she visited David in hospital every other day. After David had been discharged, Mrs Mensah stated that she played an active part in David’s early life, reporting that when he was six months old, she would often bathe him, feed him, take him to the park and reported introducing him to many of his favourite toys. Mrs Mensah also reported that she provided regular respite for his mother and also reported that David had no detectable forms of disability but was known to experience severe asthma like symptoms. Mrs Mensah recalled the day David became very unwell and reported that at the time, the family lived together in a rented accommodation. Mrs Mensah recalled that she had been at work and was only made aware of the incident as she approached the property and saw the ambulance. Mrs Mensah reported that she wasn’t too concerned as ambulances often visited the property due to David’s breathing, but recognised that something was serious when David had to be resuscitated at the property. Mrs Mensah stated that she followed the ambulance to St Thomas’s Hospital where David was admitted. Mrs Mensah reported that David stayed in St Thomas’s Hospital for several months in a medically induced coma. Mrs Mensah initially reported that she visited David at St Thomas’s Hospital on a regular basis but wasn’t able to provide any specific details and
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