Mrs Pew Narrative

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I bounced up and down in my booster seat, as my mom parked in the street just outside the most anticipated birthday party of the year. Everyone in my Pre-K class was invited to Sara Pew's party. As I clutched her birthday present in my hand, I raced to the front door of her elegant, two-story, brick house. The decorations were just as grand as I had expected. Pink streamers lined the hall. In the middle of the white kitchen, stood a massive, pink cake that tempted the minds of anyone who glanced in its direction. I did my best to resist the overwhelming temptation and smiled at Mrs. Pew when she pointed me in the direction of the party. I left my present on the large table filled with an abundance of gifts. I skipped into the living room and skidded to a halt when I was…show more content…
We pretended we had just come from a royal ball. We fantasized over the handsome prince who we would fall in love with, and we would live happily ever after. Our fantasy had been cut short by a loud, ripping sound. Curiosity had taken the better of us, and we decided to investigate. The sight we witnessed was horrifying. Logan had torn a gaping hole in the side of the castle. "I'm telling on you!" I screamed with a level of indignation only found in an upset four-year-old. "Mommy! Logan ruined the castle!" The party had barely started, yet it was already a total disaster. I was fuming with anger, Sara was throwing a tantrum, and Logan was laughing at the fiasco. My mom did not put him in time-out like I had hoped. Instead, she only made him apologize. His apology only fueled my anger. My mom pulled me aside to have a "chat." "Sweetie, I know you're upset, but he didn’t realize he wasn't allowed to do that, okay? He didn’t know it would upset you and Sara so much." I did not buy her excuse, so I crossed my arms and stomped my foot. "That's not fair! Put him in time-out," my cries only worsened the
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