Mrs Rivera Research Paper

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Some of Mrs. Rivera’s interests are music and reading since she was a child. She says she would rather read a good book instead of playing mentally challenging games. Most of the books she enjoys reading are the stories that involve long adventures and consists of having both good guys and bad guys. Some of her favorite books consist of the Harry Potter Series, and the Chronicle of Narnia’s book which happens to own all of. She enjoys listening to classical music such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc. But she also enjoys listening today’s hits on the radio as long as they do not have any bad words within the song, and as long you can understand every word that they are saying. But out of all the songs she has heard from her earlier life till today her favorite songs remains to be Amazing Grace.…show more content…
Rivera enjoys taking long walks at the park, where she enjoys nature, and seems to be happy when she sees kids playing together in the jungle gym getting along because it reminds her of the time when her kids were small. She remembers when her and her family experienced there first family vacation to Disneyland. She remembers that, because she could never forget those big smiling faces on her kids face once they saw their favorite Disney characters. She could honestly say she miss those days since today they are currently older, Rebecca happens to be forty-five years old, Elena is forty-three, and her youngest Oliver is forty years old. One memorable event she could recall vividly about her earlier life was her first international travel with her mother, which was from the Philippines to the United
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