Mrs. Smith As A Teacher

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Mrs. Smith is a teacher who has found out that she will have a classroom of thirty students for this up and coming school year. This year also Mrs. Smith will have four students who have a disability, and to assist her the school administrators have given Mrs. Smith a paraeducator (Para) to assist her. Mrs. Smith and the Para have had some conversation’s introducing each other and it seems the two have some interest with similar personalities and philosophies. Neither it seems has ever done this job before so this year seems to be interesting. I am going to try to give a few rules, techniques and some boundaries that both will need to follow for success. At the top of the paper I have already given the Mrs. Smith and her Para a goal for what I hope that their collaboration purpose can detail. As we understand for the students to be successful the two teachers must work to be on the same page so that they can get the academic results from all of the students that will be in the collaboration class. In that statement the key words are “our and teamwork”. The word “our” means the two teachers will work together to produce “teamwork” out of the students. These things can only happen if the teachers are willing to put all personal stuff behind to create a great inclusion classroom. The first thing that I want to give Mrs. Smith and the Para is just a few rules and expectations for the students because without rules the train will run off the track. The students must respect…

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