Mrs. Smith 's Speech

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Mrs. Smith just arrived at the bus stop to take a bus to downtown. She knew that the bus would be coming in an about five minutes. She noticed that a young couple joined her at the bus stop. The woman was wearing a veil, and carrying a hand bag, while the man had nothing peculiar, other than a beard. Mrs. Smith began to be uncomfortable on their presence, as if she were in danger. The few minutes she had to wait for the bus seemed to be eternal. The couple start to talk in a foreign language, what caused to Mrs. Smith to assume they were coffering he details to harm her. This thoughts caused her to sweat, and make her mind began to speed up in an escalating arousal. As the bus was about to arrive, the veiled lady opened the zipper of her handbag to grab the fare. At this moment Mrs. Smith completely lost control of her reactions and tried to grab the women, yelling that it was a terrorist attack. Mrs. Smith never had met that couple before. So, what could led her to feel threatened by them? According to Allport conceptual, prejudice is universal and inherent to human being. The dynamic of prejudice is that people adopt certain negative attitude toward other groups or other group’s members due to inaccurate beliefs , creating stereotypes, which will function as a shortcut discriminatory acts. The legacy of Gordon Willard Allport Allport’s work is a foundation in Social Sciences for bringing about several concepts that allowed the articulation and
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