Mrs. Wheling: The Remembrance Of A Loving Father

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“The remembrance of a Loving father”

It was a Sunday morning in Chicago. Everything was perfectly swell. Mrs.Wheling was changing her lovely new born triplets upstairs . She had went downstairs to fix up the baby's bottles,when Mrs.Wheling got a phone call that choked her up. When she got the news that Mr.Wheling had sadly committed suicide for his babies to live, at that instant she dropped the bottles in shock and said,.

Mrs.Wheling - “ What how can this be!.
Hospital’s Intendent - Yes, I know sorry to tell you but is is unfortunately the tru- when Mrs.Wheling cut her off.
Mrs.Wheling- But wait wait out of breath and the babies crying upstairs, why did he do this he told me he will fix things up and find a way so all my babies will
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