Ms. Doe Observation

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I observed the math teacher, who I will call Ms. Doe, teach a lesson over volume. The lesson was meant to teach students how to find the volume of a rectangular prism. They do not have I can statements, instead they have EQs. Their EQ for this particular lesson was, “ How do I find volume?” Ms. Doe starts class by using centers. There are four centers that is geared to most of the students in the classroom, and the students are already grouped by ability level. One station was computers were students practiced finding volume. Ms. Doe is able to assess this station using her phone, where the website tells her who is answering questions, how many they are getting right, and if a student is spending too much time on one problem. Two of the stations were manipulatives stations. Students could use manipulatives like cubes, to solve problems. The last station, Ms. Doe calls students up to her desk and work with them in a small group base on previous assessments. For that day, she was in a small group going over fractions because of previous test scores. She is able to observe the manipulative stations by looking at their worksheets at the end of the week. For the small group, Ms. Doe is…show more content…
In this case, Ms. Doe was going over how to find the volume of a rectangular prism. During the lesson, she had students design their own cracker boxes. Students first worked individually on the worksheet. The worksheet asked them to find the volume of two different cracker boxes, one normal size and one smaller sized. In order for the students to be able to get into pairs and draw out their own cracker box, they had to take their paper to Ms. Doe. Ms. Doe would allow them to pair up and work on their own cracker box if they had the right answers. If they did not have the right answers, then she would go back to their table and help them figure out what it was that they had done
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