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In a four part video, Ms. Fleming uses a variety of techniques to help students improve and understand their voices. In the first part of the video Ms.Fleming's focuses on the sound of a baritone singer (Daniel Shelvey). The expansion of the rib cage was a something Ms.Fleming's emphasized for the baritone singer. This affects me as a singer because I have a lot of trouble in my abdominal area. I can apply this in my own singing by making sure I expand my rib cage. Ms. Flemings mentioned if a sound is too dark the words can’t be heard that well. If it's brighter the sound is projected more and it can be clearer. Something that is stressed a lot to singers that Ms.Fleming's mentioned was to never reach for higher notes. It’s surprising just how common it is for any male singer to try and reach for notes. Another thing that is common to male singers that Ms. Flemings mentioned is to not press when you sing low notes. She mentioned that the sound carries better when the sound isn't overproduced. Focusing on the important words. I assume what she meant by this is that some words in a song have more meaning than others and so a singer must…show more content…
She focused on tension with this student. The first half she used a straw and pencil to help the student with tension. With the straw you can’t use much breath pressure and it helps with tension. It also helps remember where the breath pressure is. This affects me as a student because it helps me understand what the purpose of using the straw is and what is going on as a singer uses it. The straw technique is definitely something I should be doing in my routine in order to help on tension. Something I can apply in my own singing is not gearing up for the high notes. It’s probably very common for singers to prepare for a high note that they are not so confident they can bring out clearly and by gearing for it, it's only gonna increase the chance of that
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