Ms. Glenn Expressed About Tymani And Azzore

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Foster parent, Shanikqua Glenn, stated that the reason she requested this Review is because she would like to express her “point of view” of the incident. Ms. Glenn indicated that she is concerned about Azzore; she is receiving phone calls from his school and he is “crying for me.” Ms. Glenn expressed that Azzore has various marks on him which were inflicted by his sister, Tymani. Ms. Glenn indicated that she is concerned about Tymani and Azzore being in a foster home and the treatment Azzore is subjected to by Tymani. Ms. Glenn voiced that Tymani was not allowed to physically abuse Azzore while both children were placed in her home. Ms. Glenn expressed that the reason she is only requesting Azzore’s return is because he is the “main…show more content…
Ms. Glenn said she was concerned about Tymani hitting her face or head on the tub or the sink. Ms. Glenn voiced that she did not observed Tymani with an injury after she fell in the bathroom. Ms. Glenn voiced that Tymani was more concerned with trying to preventing Azzore from reporting what occurred in the bathroom. Ms. Glenn added that Azzore attempting to assist Tymani with repositioning the shower rod after the incident occurred. Ms. Glenn stated that she was upset after observing what Tymani did to the shower rod. Ms. Glenn expressed that Tymani was consistently engaging in activities which could have resulted in her sustaining an injury. Ms. Glenn said she instructed Tymani to put her hands out and she hit her with a belt. Ms. Glenn indicated that she hit Tymani approximately four times with the belt. Ms. Glenn conveyed that she was unaware that Tymani sustained an injury to her forearm because she recalled only hitting her on her hands. Ms. Glenn articulated that Tymani did not inform her that she sustained an injury after being hit with the belt. Ms. Glenn indicated that she only became aware of the injury Tymani sustained after OSI made a visit to her home. Ms. Glenn stated that her typical discipline technique for Tymani was to send her to her room if she misbehaved or restrict her accessibility to various items. Ms. Glenn expressed that corporal punishment is not a usual form of discipline within
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