Ms. Glenn Expressed About Tymani And Azzore

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Foster parent, Shanikqua Glenn, stated that the reason she requested this Review is because she would like to express her “point of view” of the incident. Ms. Glenn indicated that she is concerned about Azzore; she is receiving phone calls from his school and he is “crying for me.” Ms. Glenn expressed that Azzore has various marks on him which were inflicted by his sister, Tymani. Ms. Glenn indicated that she is concerned about Tymani and Azzore being in a foster home and the treatment Azzore is subjected to by Tymani. Ms. Glenn voiced that Tymani was not allowed to physically abuse Azzore while both children were placed in her home.

Ms. Glenn expressed that the reason she is only requesting Azzore’s return is because he is the “main one she worries about.” Ms. Glenn voiced that Tymani has a tendency to take her frustration out on Azzore.

Ms. Glenn stated that during the day in question, she was in a separate bathroom when she heard a “crash’ sound projecting for another bathroom. Ms. Glenn conveyed that Tymani started crying and her son (Shykewell) told her that Tymani broke the shower rod. Ms. Glenn recalled observing on previous occasions that the shower rod looked bent and she questioned the children to see if anyone was hanging from it. Ms. Glenn articulated that she had no idea that Tymani was hanging and swinging from the shower rod. Ms. Glenn conveyed that on the day in question, Azzore showed her what Tymani was doing in the bathroom and expressed that the last…
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