Ms Pacman Research Paper

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Gaming Reflection
Julie Bernard
EDPC 603
Fall 2017

Gaming Reflection
My favorite go to game for entertainment is Ms. Pac-Man. I know it may sound funny. However, Ms. Pac-Man has tons of educational benefits. Ms. Pac-Man is a video game with a yellow character with a bow on its head, with four colorful ghosts in hot pursuit of her. Ms. Pac-Man is a maze game. Some of the benefits of playing maze games are problem solving, which includes decision making, planning and organizing, sequencing, strategizing and remembering details.
According to Malone and Lepper (1983), If learners can select a task that they enjoy doing the motivation to learn increases. Additionally, when a person chooses a task it is geared towards their skills, talents and abilities. Choices are impowering to the learner. In addition, choices allow for the individuals strengths and creativity to blossom.
According to the article “Six C’s of Motivation”, there must be an appropriate level of challenge to motivate the learner. If the task is to difficult anxiety raises. However, if the task is to easy boredom sets in. Therefore, the challenge level must suit the individual. In the case of Ms. Pac-Man, there are various levels to keep the player stimulated. Additionally, Ms. Pac-Man increases in difficulty thus providing the right mix of .challenges.
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Control here speaks of self-regulation, a person’s ability to control themselves once the game is over no matter how high your score is; you must self-regulate. Also, another motivation is collaboration; Vygotsky (1978) theorized, that communication and collaboration can enhance individual thinking and learning. Learners can share strengths and strategies with each other through interaction. Similarly, Ms. Pac-Man has a two-player option; you can play against your friend. In addition, you can observe the strategies they use to advance to the next

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