Ms. Pletscher Case Interview

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On 7/15/16 I met Ms. Pletscher in the office of Dr. Easton. Ms. Pletscher had a cervical fusion on 6/15/16. Ms. Pletscher was driven to the appointment by her daughter. She was wearing a hard aspen collar. X-rays taken showed that there was good alignment with her hardware. She may now be fitted for a soft collar. The incision is well healed with no signs of infection. She will be allowed to start physical therapy after 7/29/16. An operative report was obtained. Ms. Pletscher had a list of questions. She is concerned about the left shoulder being lower than the right; she also said that it doesn’t seem to be tracking. I did point out that she had already been evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon and the MRA of the shoulder was fine. She agreed
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