Ms. Rikki Miller Case Summary

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This a brief summary of the case we talked few minutes ago. On 09/15/16, there is a Screening Report stating that Ms Rikki Miller (AKA: Bennett) called the GPPD asking to take her child, Keaton to the hospital because he was having bad behavior and she also asked to have her child removed from her home. DHS took that child and placed in the child’s home. She believes that DHS-CW is inclined to help her child’s father, Caleb. She stated that Dwight, caseworker, is providing information to Caleb and not even talking to her. She stated That Dwayne’s supervisor, KAREN HEBERT, told her was going to call her back, but nothing happened. I am going to send an email to Karen asking is she can please call Rikki. Per my conversation with worker
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