Ms Windows vs. Unix/Linux

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MS Windows vs. Unix/Linux

University of Phoenix

POS/420 Introduction to Unix

October 20, 2008

Scott Stewart

MS Windows vs. Unix/Linux

The Microsoft and Linux operating systems have been long considered to be in a competition to be the best operating systems on the market. This paper will compare and contrast these operating systems to help the consumer decide which is right for his or her environment. Such subjects as; cost, market share, hardware requirements, file processing, programming capabilities, availability if application software, networking, and user interface will be examined.


The cost difference between running a Linux desktop / server compared to a Microsoft desktop / server is overwhelming.
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Finally, marketing is a big “reason” why Microsoft still holds a large place in the desktop market share. Microsoft is constantly keeping their products in the public eye view, where Linux does not, causing people to know of Microsoft desktops but not so much about Linux desktops. With that said, while Microsoft does hold a dominate place in the desktop world, the same is not so true in the server world.

In the server marketplace, Microsoft is losing ground quickly to the Linux Server. Linux has been gaining ground in the server world for several reasons including; cost, ease of use, and dependability. The cost of the Linux server is much lower than that of the Microsoft server as we examined earlier. This cost difference is opening up IT departments to the ideal of using Linux over Microsoft, which in return is helping Linux gain server market share. Next, because Linux is becoming easier to administrate, that too is moving IT departments to convert. In the past, Linux was all “command prompt” oriented, today GUIs and such have been developed to help the novice user with system administration. Finally, dependability is probably the biggest reason Linux is gaining server market share. Perhaps the best way to explain Linux dependability is to explain that Linux does not need to be rebooted once a week. But in
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