Msc Strategic Marketing Assignment

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1. Visit to learn more about the different cards that American Express offers. Discuss the target market and positioning strategies for each and suggest other segments that American Express might be able to successfully target (20%/630-770 words)

American Express manages a wide variety of products but their cards can be classified in two main card types if cards: personal and business cards. For each card type they offer a wide range of different utilities and privilege and can be sub divided in credit and charge cards. The difference between the credit and the charge cards available in each category is that the credit cards charge the card holder at the end of the month while the charge cards charge the card
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3. Based on your knowledge of online buyer behavior – provide a proposal for an effective e-marketing campaign for American Express, using social media: Facebook, twitter, blogs etc. Critically discuss different ways to attract and retain consumers using different social media in the UK market. To answer this you may choose any two appropriate models of consumer behavior. (20%/630-770 words)

Currently American Express is present of the World Wide Web’s main social networks. On Facebook AMEX´s global page got 2.7 Million who “like” them, they also have separate pages for each country they have commercial activity in which on average tend to have some 7,000 likes each. The AMEX main Twitter account got 600K followers, on LinkedIn approximately 136,000 professionals are following the company and on YouTube they got 12,000 subscribers. American express also attempts to connect with small businesses and professionals through offering business advice to them through blogs.

In comparison American Express´s closest competitors Master Card and Visa both got 4.5 million likes each on Facebook. On twitter Visa got 38,000 followers and Master Card 16,000. On Linked in MasterCard for 43,000 followers and Visa 48,000 and on YouTube 1000 and 4000 subscribers respectively.

Because of the niche market targeted by American express and the enormous reach and noise of the World Wide Web, planning

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