Mses602 Devops Labs Individual Narrative Problem

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MSES602 DevOps Labs Individual Narrative Problem MSES602 DevOps is an introductory class at Regis as part of its Enterprise Systems Engineering Program designed to immerse students in the collaborative environment of rapidly and reliably building, testing, and releasing software. However, just as information technology systems must rapidly evolve to survive, so too must the educational institutions responsible for delivering its foundational knowledge. Therefore, can MSES602 DevOps Labs evolve to better suit the needs of its students and instructors, while also delivering a known cost model to Regis administration? The Situation and the Stakeholders Labs are utilized by classes to reinforce and provide hands on knowledge of concepts and…show more content…
Rapid software changes often introduce variations in package installation methods, creating discrepancies between the methods and the lab documentation. Consequently, students must resolve these issues which might be beyond their current skill level. This can cause the student quite a bit of stress, especially in an accelerated course lasting only eight weeks. Simply telling the students to “install the latest package”, unfortunately, cannot be the answer to this dilemma. While version three might be the latest version, it could also not be completely stable, which is not entirely uncommon. Once again, this leads to a frustrating situation where students cannot get a lab to operate with the latest package, but would have had no issues with a slightly older and more stable package. The current labs have system requirements that their current personal system may not meet, nor is feasible to upgrade to meet the requirements. In addition, a laptop or desktop may not be their preferred system to utilize, with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets readily available. Because of these restrictions, the student may not realize their system inadequacy until they have partially completed the class. This could force them to drop the class adding to their financial burden and possibly imperiling their degree timetable. The success of the labs is not just based on understanding and performing the required work with the labs, but also the

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