Mt. B. Mccormick

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“In 1923, a new Mullins High School was created under the principal-ship of Mr. L. B. McCormick, the school was again updated with the addition of more classrooms and a gymnasium. By 1937 the high school enrollment had grown to about 350 students and the school became one of the state 's first high schools to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In 1981, the present building was completed on a beautiful 84-acre campus west of Mullins. Mullins High School now stands as an exemplary monument to a long tradition of educational excellence and to the faithful dedication of educational and community leaders who have repeatedly demonstrated their unyielding belief in the youth of Marion County School District.”…show more content…
I was able to experience a class meeting with the juniors where Mr.Stone and some of administration came into the gym to speak with them all about getting on the right track for graduation. It is the little things like that, that a lot of other schools don’t do that Mullins High students seem to over look.
Every teacher tries their hardest to cater to every student in each of their classes. Anytime I hear them talking it is always about what they can do for this student or they’re asking another teacher on what they do for a certain student. Everything they do here is in order to see the student succeed. It may not be easy all the time but it gets done if everyone does their part. I do believe the students need to appreciate this school more than they do. They act as if this school has nothing to offer and does nothing for them. What they don’t realize is how easy they have it here, they get fed reality piece by piece unlike students in other places who get thrown into a huge abyss of confusion and told to fend for themselves. They get after-school tutoring from teachers who stay late to help and content recovery when they haven’t done well on their assignments; I don’t of many schools who do that for their students.
Although it may not be the biggest school, with the most students I think that gives it an edge over other schools. This small town school gives knowledge that goes beyond the classroom and opens doors in the community that
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