Mt Everest Case Study

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Case Study Analysis of Mount Everest-1996 MOUNTAINS ARE NOT MOLEHILLS Scot Crenshaw, Ph.D. Nicie Murphy, Ph.D. Michael Sturdivant Harding University Abstract If Mount Everest were an empire, its motto would undoubtedly be “I shall not be conquered”. However formidable, this giant which stands over 8000 meters above sea level into the sky, did not seem to intimidate the owners of the commercial guide companies, Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness. In fact, these two firms, which earned considerable profit guiding amateurs up the mountain’s notorious heights, felt comfortable enough to attempt the ascent against the comfort of several participants. Both…show more content…
In the Mount Everest case, many red flags emerged in the unfolding of events which should have played more of a role in the decisions made. One example would be several observing team members and leaders who became ill at various stages of the expedition, some as early as at the first camp; this should have affected the decisions (pp. 6-7, 10, 12). The dynamic nature of decisions involves leaders at various levels juggling the over-confidence / under-confidence of various climbers, the health conditions of the participants, and factors such as weather conditions (Roberto, 2002). A second weakness evident in the Mount Everest case would be deficiencies in the organizational control systems in place during the expedition. The fact that the hierarchical structure of both teams was clear presented both benefits and detriments. At several points those in the chain of command were hesitant or simply refused to speak up when they needed to do so for the sake of safety (Roberto, 2008). One example was when Beidleman, considered to be the “third” guide in the pecking order, failed to interject when he saw the need to do so; what prevented him from speaking was his perception of the appropriateness of his input because of rank considerations (p. 12). Also when the leaders do not follow the control systems which are in place, others will not do so. Situations
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