Mt Everest Research Paper

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With the impact of tourism increasing progressively since the 90’s when a natural iconic monument such as Everest is threatened to be changed and altered in a negative way, there is bound to be someone stepping in demanding protection and policy for protection. Luckily, Everest and the surrounding mountains are in a buffer zone, labeling it a national park with the intention of protecting its culture, diversity, and natural resources. Established July 19th, 1976, Sagarmatha National Park would give the Everest region the protection and management it needed to fend of careless travelers and opportunist from destroying such a space of natural beauty and phenomena. This kind of marker designates monies and resources that can go into development…show more content…
It appears that from the beginning of the meeting between the mountain and man, once on its summit it was love at first sight. Although, Everest, as well as the country of Nepal, seem to be the one that paid the price. Is it worth the trouble that has plagued this place so that one man or woman can conquer a physical and mental challenge? If I was asked this question, I would have to answer yes, and no. Yes, it is worth the experience and reward. This kind of trip with all the preparation and execution would put anyone in a position of great ability and knowledge. Thus, giving one the experience and fortitude to take on any of life’s challenges, and never be scared to try something new throughout their entirety. It would refine people to have a new appreciation for life, and discontinue to take things for granted. However, as great and amazing these things can be thru understanding, I would be lying if I said I shriek at the thought of man continuing with expeditions on Everest, or other mountains throughout the world with high tourism. While there are tons of money to be made in this traveling tourism market, I believe there is so much room for improvement in Nepal. If they would invest more into Everest and the region, they have a super unique place of interest and could make more money for their country while becoming more eco-friendly and efficient. The country should embrace mankind’s calling to the mountain and offer a once in a lifetime experience as many times as someone is willing to pay, for a tourism practice that can only be something Nepal or Tibet could offer. They have a legal monopoly because of where they live. It is impossible for someone to infringe on that, because there is only one highest point on earth, and that will never change. All money raised could be divided among budgets for infrastructure, creating jobs, creating more education, health care, the
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