Mt Everest Simulation

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Mt. Everest Simulation-
Personal Reflection

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1.0 Introduction to Mount Everest team and Leadership simulation 2 2.0 Our Team Process Efficacy 3 2.1 The role of the leader 3 2.2 Psychological Safety 5 2.3 Group Thinking 7 3.0 Conclusions 8 4.0 Reference 9

1.0 Introduction to Mount Everest team and Leadership simulation
Climbing Mount Everest is a dangerous undertaking, a Herculean task fraught with difficulties, danger, complexities and volatile weather conditions. Disaster can strike without warning, leaving the most competent and experienced professional high altitude mountain climber gasping for breath, and desperately fighting to stay alive. Death is not uncommon to mountaineers who
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Everest, just as in any organisation, these interactive factors determine the failure or success of a company. Leadership style and behaviour play critical roles, so does the team decision making process, and the ability of the group to work confidently together as a team contributes to the individual quota of expertise toward a common goal. Our team made a concrete plan from the outset on how to assault the Mt. Everest simulation and shared vital information held by individual members. As I held onto my phone handset, I could hear the team chatting in a relaxed manner despite knowing there was a mammoth task ahead. I sensed high energy, a friendly atmosphere, a strong relationship among the team members, a team camaraderie and connection which are essential elements affiliated to highly effective teams.
The team leader of our expedition exhibited democratic leadership style and behaviour. Undoubtedly, she empowered team members to make decisions and foster open communication which created a highly positive and motivated climate. However, as a leader sometime you need to make decisive decision, equally matched with precise action, with little time for team deliberation. In actual fact, a leader must master the art of improvisation to succeed in climbing Mt. Everest, just like in a business, a well-designed business strategy can easily become obsolete. From my standpoint, I questioned our leader's swift decision-making ability based on the
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