Mt. Everest, The Tallest Mountain

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It was an early morning in May of 1966, my adventure began with an early morning flight. The sun was rising over the fields and it set colors of a red and pink that deepened into the sky. I drove through the abandoned state road thinking about the people I’m leaving behind, and the people I’m about to start a new adventure with. Leaving behind my small town of corn fields and tractors, which for the last sixteen months I haven 't spent a lot of time in. I have spent my time trekking through the mountains of the Western United States, training and preparing to climb Mt. Everest. Yes, Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. I have climbed Denali the largest peak in North America, and Mt. Elbrus the largest peak in Europe, and now I…show more content…
I remember reading some of his articles on Outsider Magazine on plane rides, or they end up in the emergency room office. He has such an amazing way of explaining his expeditions in nature. At that point in time it didn 't cross my mind that we were about to embark on the same adventure. I peered out my window and am not disappointed when I see the Himalayas for the first time. Outstanding mountains with plains reaching miles in between. Every mountain gets bigger and bigger until I get to the mother lode, Mt. Everest. Everest is absolutely fascinating, the sheer force of what the mountain held was breathtaking, nothing of what I ever imagined. The mountain glimmered, light from sun hit the top and created a burnt orange color that made the mountains look like they were engulfed by flames. The black tip of the snow covered mountain protruded high into the sky and I realized that I was flying at the same altitude of the mountain. As I cleared the customs in Kathmandu I was greeted by a thick man with a clean shaven face, he looked liked he hadn’t aged well. He was holding a sign that read Adventure Consultants. I could immediately tell he was from New Zealand by the accent in his voice. He shook me and Jons hand and introduced himself as Andy Harriss. We waited climber who misplaced their bags and Jon and Andy started into some talk about the differences in snowboarding and skiing. I tried multiple times to enter the conversation and I felt awkward,
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