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Managing Talent: General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity Sophia Laing Kaplan University Mt203: Human Resources Management – 02 Dr Dana Williams January 20, 2014 General Motors the automobile giant had problems within its’ company where equal employment opportunities (EEO) were not practised. This resulted in the women and the minorities making complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC) about the disparate treatment that they encounter and the need for something to be done. Such discrimination was evident in the 1980’s and as a result of the complaints, a settlement of $42.4 million dollars was reached between the EEOC and General Motors. Complying with the rules of the EEOC meant that General Motors would…show more content…
The case points out that there is no national law that prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation. The fact that the company openly supports gay employees shows GM’s dedication to their commitment to operate a diverse company. Question 2. Do you agree with the GM’s assumption that when employees feel fully accepted for who they are, they will feel free to contribute their talents more fully at work? Why or why not? This is true partly because of the indication in the case study. Revealing his sexual preference appeared to work for Blake. Since he did not have to worry so much about hiding his sexual orientation, he felt free to contribute more at work. When employees are fully accepted at work without the tension of having to hide who they really are, they gain the ability to focus more on their tasks and responsibilities. When they have the support of the leadership, they will have the desire to contribute more because their care about the welfare of the company has now become a great interest to them. Question 3. How might GM measure whether its efforts to promote diversity really are helping it achieve business success? GM could consider benchmarking the company’s diversity program against that of another successful company. For example, they could compare their program to that at Ford Motor Co. Resources are also available to GM such as the Executive Summary of Best Practices in achieving Workforce

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