Essay about Mt435 - Albatross Anchor Case Study Unit 3 Assignment

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Unit Three Written Assignment

Kelli-Michelle Evans

MT435 Operations Management

Kaplan University

May 8. 2013


Before we begin, I wish to say thank you on behalf of KU Consulting for giving us the opportunity to present this proposal to your company. We understand that you may not agree with all of the ideas presented. However, we are willing to work with you to come up with solutions to your current issues that work within your budget and thought process. We only ask that you read our proposal and approach it with an open mind.

Question One
1. Cost
a) Cost of Production: At the moment Albatross Anchors produces two types of anchors, the bell anchor and the snag hook anchor, at cost of $8.00/pound
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As a result of this and the age of the production equipment turn around for orders can be three to four weeks. If the process takes too long a competitor can take away business. Especially if the competitor has a factory that is more up to date with their technology and processes.

3. Flexibility in filling order(s) At the present time Albatross has very little flexibility in filling orders. As stated above, the turnaround time to switch machines over is very long. With each anchor and the age of the equipment, order take too long to fill.

4. Technology
An effective design process should: 1. match product or service characteristics with customer requirements 2. ensure that customer requirements are met in the simplest and least costly manner 3. reduces the time required to design a new product or service 4. minimizes the revisions necessary to make new designs workable
This all relates to technology. When the technology is up to date it reduces process times and in the end it helps to create more profit for the company because work is done faster, customer needs are met in a timely fashion and there is less waste.

5. Capacity and facilities At present the layout of the Albatross Anchor factory is not at all efficient. In order to be efficient the factory should ensure an easy flow of work, material, people and information. In the current state the raw materials are too far away from the foundry, the finished products

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