Mt459: Consumer Behavior Unit 3 Assignment

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Do you think that it was a good segmentation for M&M’s to develop a new version targeting adults?
In observing how M&M’s have changed over time from the addition of peanut butter and almonds to the changing of colors and sizes I think that was a great segmentation strategy to develop a new version targeting adults. The new line of M&M’s is 55 percent larger in size and they come in colors that are appealing to adults in its design (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2007). According to spokeswoman Joan Buyce of Masterfoods USA this creation is designed with adults in mind and "It broadens our portfolio so there 's something for everyone" (M&M 's get mega-sized, 2012, p.1). Buyce also states that the new M&M 's are available in milk chocolate as well as
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When implementing uses of exploratory, descriptive and casual research it is important to utilize the appropriate method for the classification of research in order to receive successful results.
Differentiate appropriate research design methods to use in consumer habits analysis.
The appropriate research design methods are used in consumer habits analysis to understand which variables are the cause and which variables are the effect the aspects. This process is performed to determine the nature of the relationship between the causal variables, the effect to be predicted, and methods that are used (Perner, 2010). Businesses study how the consumers feel and think about options that are available about different products or brands which are consumer habits to enhance their market strategy (Perner, 2010). The market research is necessary to ensure that we provide the desires of the customer and not our desires for the customer (Perner, 2010). There are two research design methods to analyze consumer behavior which are the primary and secondary research methods (Perner, 2010). Primary research is called research at first hand because it is the research that is designed and conducted by you (Perner, 2010). Secondary research is the research that is driven from previous information which is considered to be a by- product of primary research (Perner, 2010). This type of research involves using information that other people have

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