Mt460 Management Policy and Strategy

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Unit 5: 28 Case Study Analyses Kaplan University School of Business and Management MT460 Management Policy and Strategy Author: Linda Alvarez Professor: Dr. Marian Leerburger Date: April, 2, 2012 Introduction Whole Foods was established in 1980 with one store in Austin, Texas. Today, Whole Foods is the world’s largest leader in natural and organic foods. There are over 310 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods is committed to the finest natural and organic foods available, sustainable agriculture and have one of the strictest of quality standards. Whole Foods offers customers a wide variety of products. “Natural” refers to food that is free of growth hormones or antibiotics, where “certificated…show more content…
The application also asks about raising practices, transportation of animals, slaughterhouse procedures, and conditions at the meat processing plants. The Whole Foods Market visits farms and ranches and sends independent, third-party auditors to check that the conditions described by the supplier are accurate. Once the suppliers are on board Whole Foods continues to monitor each supplier with annual audits. The customers buy from Whole Foods because they know how extensive the organic food products are and how strict the safety procedures are at Whole Foods. The supplier must also meet the criteria of slaughterhouses and meat processing plans. There are also food safety audits of the facilities which check the bacteria levels, safe equipment, the meat is processed through required sanitation baths and that the temperature logs are updated. Implementation Whole Foods will need to research and figure out marketing strategies to keep the customers loyal to Whole Foods. One of the main reasons customers will go to different supermarkets that have organic foods is because of the different department stores inside the grocery market. For instance, some grocery stores sell organic vegetables, but also have regular vegetables. Some of the larger grocery stores have banks, photo stores, insurance companies that make your stop at the larger grocery store

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