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MTAP Reviewer 1. I am a three-digit number. My tens is more than twice my ones and my hundreds is 2 more than my tens 2. Gab accidentally entered 418 instead of 814 in his calculator, how many times greater is 4 in the first number than in the second number. 3. P4800 is to be divided among four brothers so that each get 200 more than the brother who is his next younger brother. How would you divide the money among the brothers. 4. MJ is in line to buy tickets for a movie. There are 15 people in front of him and 17 people behind him. How many people are in the line? 5. If January 12 is Wednesday, what day is July 20? 6. If today is January 11, what date is it three days before yesterday? What date will it be five days from…show more content…
A vendor bought 125 pineapples at P12 each and sold them at P15 each. What was his gain percent? _________ 36. What is 44% of 950? _________ 37. A stove marked P2850 was bought at a 15% discount. How much was paid for it? _________ 38. A pair of shoes marked P950 was bought for P760. What was the percent discount? _________ 39. A blouse was bought for P196.80 at a discount of 18%. What was the marked price? _________ 40. A string is stretched ½ cm for every 10 kilos of weight. How far will a 24-kilo weight stretched the spring? _________ 41. A picture is 30 cm long and 22 cm wide. It is placed in a uniform frame that is 3 cm wide. What is the outside perimeter of the frame? _________ 42. A milk can has a radius of 6 cm and a height of 18 cm. How much milk does it contain? Use = 3.14 _________43.How many different rectangular gardens can you make, whose dimensions are whole numbers, if you have 48 m of fencing materials and the width is at least 4 m? Consider a 6 m by 18 m rectangle the same as an 18 m by 6 m rectangle. _________44. I am a decimal with my last digit in the hundredths. Rounded the nearest tenth, I am 6.5. Rounded to the nearest whole number, I am 6. If the sum of my digits is 16, what number am I? _________45. Jim, Tim and Kim have 67 marbles together. Tim has 6 more marbles than Jim and Kim has 8 fewer marbles than Jim. How many marbles has Tim? _________46.There are bicycles and tricycles parked along a road. There are 29 wheels and 11

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