Mth 221 Final Project Essay

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Dairy Cow/Milk Production
Math 221 – Final Project October, 22, 2000 T. Lock

Dairy Cow/Milk Production
Math 221 – Final Project October, 22, 2000 T. Lock

For the purposes of this paper, 50 Holstein dairy cows were chosen for study by assigning a number to each of the farmer’s cows, randomly selecting a starting point or number on the list of cows, and then selecting every 5th number as a member of the sample population. Relying on inferential statistics, these 50 cows were then used as quantitative data, representing a sample allowing us to draw conclusions about the entire population of
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Milk Production Facts Dairy Farm, Dairy Farming, milk production facts
DFT Main Content Body | U.S. dairy farms produce roughly 23 billion gallons of milk annually.

A cow will produce an average of nearly 7 gallons of milk each day. That’s more than 2,500 gallons each year. |
(Diary Farming Today, 2012. Learn More)

The following Histogram shows that the distribution is approximately symmetrical about the mean, or bell-shaped. Therefore, using the Empirical Rule, I concluded that 47.5% of the lbs. of milk produced per month fell between 2270.5 lbs. and 964.10 lbs. This accounts for a very large portion of the total milk produced; as 68% fell within 1 standard deviation of 653.20 of the mean, and 95% fell within 2 standard deviations of the mean.

The following Probability Plot clearly exposes any outliers; data entries that are . . . “far removed from the other entries the data set”, (Larson & Farber, 2011. pg. 68). We can see from this plot that there are several outliers on the high and low end of the data. However, one outlier in particular could cause the conclusions made about the data to be flawed. The data point located at 98%, 4600, is of major concern, as it is causing this set of data to appear much higher. It is recommended that this entry be ignored when making conclusions about the data set as a whole.

When considering the variables that could lead to bias, in this particular data set, it is recommended that more

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