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On September 29, 1981, MTV had been in operation for two months, with twenty advertisers and 30% of available commercial time. At this time, the company was owned and operated by the Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company.[1] “Youth will be served,” this statement illustrates the foundations on which MTV was established. The company had already been serving the youths of the nation with “Nickelodeon,” hence MTV was created to target the “bigger kids,” the ones with enough discretionary income representing an attractive segment to marketers and advertisers.[2] In December of 1985, Warner announced that it would relinquish MTV, and that the company would become a wholly owned subsidiary of Viacom. At the time of the deal, Viacom…show more content…
At the product category level, this analysis examines the perceptions of customers regarding products they might consider as substitutes to satisfy the same basic need.[13] MTV Networks encompasses a broad range of programming targeted towards consumers of all ages, with Nickelodeon targeting smaller children, MTV for people ages 12-34 and VH1 for more mature audiences, just to name a few. The company that represents the most intense competition for MTV is BET Holdings Inc. This company consists of four other networks, four restaurants, a clothing line, three magazines, a book publishing division and an interactive web-site.[14] Though BET is targeted towards a relatively homogenous market, the company still poses a threat to MTV as a result of the “Pop and Hip-Hop Culture” trends.

Positioning can be based on a variety of attributes. The process requires an identification of the applicable attributes and a subsequent rating of each. This aids in the determination of the product space in the positioning analysis.[15]

For MTV the applicable attributes are as follows: Psycho-graphics and popularity are important attributes to be considered by MTV in the positioning process. MTV is the largest music network in the world and has been operating for longer than some of its targets have been living. Part
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