Mtv Networks: the Arabian Challenge

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The Arab world derives its strategic importance from the fact that around 60% of the earth’s oil reserves are at or near the Arabian Peninsula. For MNCs, the Arab world’s teeming youth population is another attraction. In the Middle East, 65 percent of the people are under 25 years of age. When compared with the demographics in Western countries, this fact has strong implications for businesses. N ot The Arab countries are religiously and ethnically diverse. The Arab world is a location of several world religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) and a multitude of ethnic and linguistic groups. However, the predominant religion is Islam, and Arabic the dominant language. To be an Arab is a cultural trait rather than a racial one. Arab history and culture are based on tribalism. Some aspects of Arab culture are discussed here: Arab Worldview – It is based upon six concepts: Atomism: Arabs tend to focus on parts rather than on the whole. They tend to see the world and events as isolated incidents, snapshots, and particular moments in time. • Faith: Arabs usually believe that almost all things in life are controlled by the will of God (fate) rather than by human beings. • Wish Vs Reality: Arabs express emotion in a forceful and

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