Mu1 Unit 2 Question Paper

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-UNIT 2 REVIEW- You must be able to:  Recognize and construct conjunctions and disjunctions.  Recognize and construct conditionals, convert them among the three forms (“If... then...”, “...if...”, and “...only if...”), and identify antecedent and consequent.  Recognize and construct biconditionals.  Recognize, write the patterns, and construct the valid syllogisms: DS, PHS, AA, and DC.  Recognize the invalid lookalike syllogisms: AC and DA fallacies.  Construct an objection using a DC syllogism. New Vocabulary  Conjunction  Disjunction (spelling: disjunction, not disconjunction)  Conditional o Antecedent o Consequent o Biconditional  Sufficient  Necessary  Deductive argument o Valid  Disjunctive syllogism (DS) (Elimination argument)  Affirming a disjunct…show more content…
a) DS c) AA b) PHS d) DC 13) What does a disjunction of two statements say? a) Neither statement is true. c) One statement is sufficient for the other. b) At least one statement is true. d) Both statements are true. 14) Which conditional form emphasizes necessity? a) If... then... c) ...only if... b) ...if... d) ...when... Practice Questions Argument reconstruction practice questions are at the end of Unit 3. 1) Say what type of compound statement this is. a) If you cut open that durian fruit, you’ll regret it. b) It doesn’t work anymore, but I can’t find anything wrong with it. c) UnlessthezombieseatBob’sbrain,theywilleatAbby’sbrain. d) This movie is boring and stupid. © Lyle Crawford - 39 -  e) Althoughformanycenturiespeopletriedallsortsofwaystoturncheap,commonmetalsinto gold, they never figured out how to do it. f) They skip class only if it’s raining. g) Either they are skipping class or it’s not raining. h) Whenever I try to turn it on, nothing happens. i) I’m going to walk out of this movie if and only if it is boring. j) Durian fruits smell awful; however, some people love them. k) The zombies didn’t eat Bob’s brain or Abby’s
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