Mucci Mag Transformational Leader Essay

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The average American receives information of current events by television, paper magazines, radio and social media. News reporting has become a very competitive industry where creativity becomes key to the success of the company. For a news reporting magazine like Mucci Mag to be successful, the company will need a transformational leader who can keep the magazine moving forward in an innovative path. ‘A transformational leader expands their capabilities and move outside of the transactional space and into a transformational space that focuses on long term solutions rather than short term gains.” (Hogg Bill, 2017). Behind the scenes at Mucci Mag (a magazine publishing company), is a Transformational leader who works with a team of employees…show more content…
They are courageously imperfect, embrace their true selves, and regularly exhibit integrity, vision, and compassion in a way that awakens and inspires others.” When the Transformational leader is courageous enough to evoke changes for their team, they are also providing intellectual stimulation. This stimulation will occur by speaking to each other, brainstorming ideas, debating topics, and discovering and encouraging new ideas. When the Transformational leader is courageous, others in their team will become inspired by their values and the ability to trust their way of thinking. In conclusion, a Transformational leader with a clear vision and courage can bring change to a team. They can inspire others with creativity and can direct a company to become innovative in their industry. Their job requires a great deal of passion when it comes to sharing your innovative ideas and vision with others. The Transformational leadership core is courage. When a leader leads with courage, their vision will be clear to their team members. All of their efforts will complete a successful product that will generate a profit for a news reporting magazine like Mucci
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