Much Ado About English Class

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Much Ado About English Anyone who is, or was, a high school student knows what it’s like to sit in an English class wondering how learning about Shakespeare and grammar was going to help you in the real world. However, as you got older you probably realized that you used the skills you learned in English almost every day. From writing reports, to presenting, to job interviews, English skills remain relevant, and necessary throughout life. What if English classes began focusing on real life skills instead of on tedious grammar lessons and vocabulary lists? I believe that emphasizing independent problem-solving skills, as well as encouraging students to create personal brands, and teaching them to communicate their ideas professionally when writing and presenting, would greatly benefit all English Language Arts students. Writing takes up a significant portion of high school English classes. However, it often becomes monotonous as teachers assign the same types of assignments throughout middle and high school. It is beneficial to students to write research papers and works of fiction, however, in their high school years it becomes increasingly vital for them to learn both how to create stories and how to communicate in the professional world. In high school, young people begin entertaining ideas about possible career paths, as well as pursuing internships and opportunities related to the fields they find interesting. This requires that they become adept at creating
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