Much Ado About Nothing By Shakespeare, Benedick And Beatrice

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Introduction Imagine hearing the news that your worst enemy is in love with you and cannot visualize a life without you in it. Many people will never encounter this situation in their life, but you can picture the conflicted feelings one might have after hearing this. The emotions might go from disgust to maybe sympathy or even believing that you reciprocate this love towards them. But deep down, is this a love worth pursuing? Can the love over power the habit of conflict or will the passion succumb to the constant battles between the two personalities.Some might say that love can overcome anything, but in reality, this relationship will be filled with conflicted emotions and opinions. Narration In Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare,…show more content…
In Much Ado about Nothing, Beatrice and Benedick discover their feelings for each other by deception. Benedick is tricked into believing that Beatrice is in love with him and vice versa. A wedding follows the sneaky trick and although the love is clearly present, the disdain they hold for each other will never disappear. Humans are creatures of habit, therefore the bickering and mocking will continue throughout their lives together. Confirmation Beatrice and Benedick will never be at peace during their marriage The long history of snarky comments and the vulgar insults cannot be forgotten in just a couple of minutes. They got carried away with their emotions and their conversations turned into things that no one would ever say to someone they really liked. For example, at the masquerade party, Beatrice and Benedick speak to each other and while Beatrice is pretending not to know who is behind the mask she says in regards to Benedick , “Why, he is the Prince’s jester, a very dull fool” (2.1.131). She deliberately attempts to belittle him and crush him. Comments such as that may mitigate over the span of their relationship, but they will never end. When Claudio and Don Pedro purposely let Benedick eavesdrop on their conversation about the passionate sentiments Beatrice has for Benedick, the ball was set rolling for the romance between the two. Beatrice is told to call Benedick for supper and he attempts to flirt
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