Much Ado About Nothing, By William Shakespeare

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Love is never an easy concept to understand, let alone when everyone around you seems to be figuring it out and you feel out of the loop. In the play, Much Ado About Nothing, and the novel, Pride and Prejudice, this shows to be the main plot line. These are quite dated. However, a modern twist to this story line is also seen in the television series, Gossip Girl. It is the typical love story; the prospective pairs can only fall in love with each other once they recognize their isolation and fight their way towards their own happy ending. With different plots and twists, each love story stands out in its own way and sets itself apart from the others. In the play, Much Ado About Nothing, the prospective couple is Beatrice and Benedict. Their relationship begins as merciless fighting and teasing between both characters, also known as “the war of wits”. Shakespeare made sure to make this type of relationship prominent and important in the beginning of the play since Beatrice’s first words towards Benedick were, “I wonder that you will still be talking, Signior Benedick. Nobody marks you.” (1.1.92-94). Being around Claudio, a good friend of Benedick’s, and Hero, Beatrice’s cousin, makes life for Beatrice and Benedick a bit difficult. Both Beatrice and Benedick witness as Claudio and Hero’s love story unfolds in a series of romantic events. This seems to put strain on their own relationship because they are so closely involved with both Claudio and Hero. In a series of events
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