Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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In the play Much Ado About Nothing, the theme of scandalous accusations, dishonesty, and its effects take a major role throughout the entirety of the play. However, the effects on a person’s honor vary hugely depending on the sex of the person. For a male, a jab at his honor is an insult, and most likely will result in an all out defense of his integrity in an effort to regain it. A woman, however, suffers far greater consequences. Her honor is based increasingly on her innocence (celibacy) and her interactions with other males in her family and the community, and a false portrayal of her actions in this respect could result in being shamed permanently, and thus viewed differently for the rest of her life. This is clearly evident in Much Ado About Nothing, as Hero is slandered by Claudio, causing a metaphorical “death”, and almost resulting in the actual loss of her own life. However the causes and effects change from character to character throughout the play, and it is evident that a gender gap is present in regards to honor. Take Claudio for example. He is a fool of sorts, gullible, and naive in his quick belief of anything anyone tells him. He is driven by his passion and his immaturity is shown regularly. But as a man of stature, he maintains a fairly large ego and holds his honor in high esteem. When Don John poisons his mind with falsities in the hopes of turning him against Hero, he believes the words without question, fearing only that his reputation will
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