Much Ado About Nothing Character Analysis

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Breagan Wright Dr. Johnson Engl 263 03 October 2017 Lies and How They Make You Stronger Rumors are all around. They can be good and bad. Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing shows that rumors and words can be hurtful, but a person can come out stronger than before. Instead of confronting the rumors and getting the truth, the play almost ends in tragedy. Claudio shows this when he sees that his fiancé Hero has betrayed him. This sends him into believing everything negative that has been said about Hero. This causes an outburst from him that ruins their love for one other. The Much Ado About Nothings characters assumptions and rumors almost cause a tragic ending. Do these rumors make Hero stronger or bring her down. When you are in a serious relationship you want to keep your love strong, but there tends to be that one person or thing that ruins it. Sometimes that can be one half of the relationship. In Much Ado Hero is assumed to have committed adultery and Claudio sees this. He keeps this information locked inside and feels betrayed, angry, and even confused. Claudio eventually decides to share this information with everyone to make himself feel better, but Hero’s actions against this make her a stronger person. Claudio makes his accusations public in front of Hero, blinded by all the anger and pain he insults her: There, Leonato take her back again: Give not this rotten orange to your friend; She’s but the sign and semblance of her honour. Behold how like a
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