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One of the most complicated experiences in life, love cannot be precisely defined, but some basic indications help to characterize the feeling. Love is a very deep, passionate affection one person has for another or a relationship of the same nature that implies a unique intensity of emotion. It requires an especially strong connection and compatibility between two people, usually identified by a total understanding and respect for each other and a fundamental similarity in ideology. Love can also be seen in the way it alters people’s normal behavior; when someone is in love, the object of their affection seems like the most important thing in the world, and they do extreme things for that feeling to be requited. Love cannot easily be…show more content…
Beatrice says of Benedick, “I know you of old” (I.1.56), proving they already have a significant connection, which explains their ability to anticipate and quickly counter each other’s remarks. In addition to having an intellectual understanding of each other, Beatrice and Benedick also exemplify the definition of love when tricked into falling in love. Despite their incredibly sharp intuitions, Beatrice and Benedick both blindly believe Hero, Don Pedro, and Claudio’s unconvincing attempts to make them fall in love. When Claudio tricks Benedick, he says Beatrice “Then down upon her knees she falls, weeps, sobs, beats her heart, tears her hair, prays, curses: ‘O sweet Benedick! God give me patience!’” (II.3.71), clearly something Beatrice, who openly mocks any sign of romance, would never do. However, Benedick’s true feelings for her cloud his better judgement, and he accepts Claudio’s claims. Hero deceives Beatrice in a similar manner, and Beatrice also declares she will “...requite thee, / Taming my heart to thy loving hand” (III.1.111-112), displaying her willingness to totally change herself for Benedick. This sudden change of character suggests that Beatrice and Benedick unknowingly wanted each other’s love from the beginning, and their desire hinders their usually well-informed instincts. Their love continues to lead them to act uncharacteristically tame, as seen when Don Pedro and Claudio tease Benedick about being in love. When they call him
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